Friday Open Forum and Weekend Challenge

Sorry for not posting yesterday.

Welcome to Friday. I want to remind you all, as always, not to toss away the gains made during the week by going full Caligula this weekend. Sure, take your time, have your fun, have a drink and do what you have to do, but contain to the best of your ability and

Enjoy yourselves, but remember your goals

never miss your grid time.

Closing out the second week of my 6-month push, I am in pretty good shape. I am starting to feel stronger, noticing some slight changes in body composition and, best of all, my blisters are starting to come back.

This weekend’s goals for me are to get an hour on the stair climber in both Saturday and Sunday, to do a WB Fitness challenge on Saturday and to get a yoga class in on Sunday. Even though it is the weekend, I think that getting the work in early is still the best. I believe this for two reasons. The first is that you get the feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning, before other people are even awake, and you know that no matter what you do for the rest of the day you already put your hard grind in. The second reason is that knowing you have to get your ass out of bed in the morning and get to the gym keep you in check on Friday and Saturday nights.

This weekend’s challenge is going to be very simple – conceptually. I want all Team Beater member to hit this one this week. It is an important challenge and one that will really help. There is only one lift, so how bad could it be? Today’s challenge is the WB Fitness 300 Deadlift Challenge.

Arnold straining with lightweight sets. The 315 he is deadlifting here is roughly 44% of his 710 max. 44% of your max is a good place to start for this weekend’s challenge.

Yup, that’s right. Get that bar right to your shins, set up your form and crank out 300 deadlifts. Do not worry about sets and numbers. Stop when you have to stop. Rest when you have to rest. Lower weight if necessary, take a walk around the gym to clear your head – do whatever it is you need to do, but do NOT leave the gym until I get 300 deadlifts from you. You are free to email me or contact me on the messenger app to tell you what an asshole I am as much as you like, but I want 300 deadlifts from every member of Team Beater.

Make sure to keep your form solid during these deadlifts. Even if it means doing one or two and then

One of my favorite simple deadlift form charts

walking away. Even if it means sitting down for 15 minutes and resting. There is no time limit, no minimum set number — just give me 300.

Use the comments section below as an open forum, a place to ask questions, general chat and, absolutely, to tell me how your WB Fitness 300 Deadlift challenge went. And before I forget I’d like to welcome new team member CursedWolf!


Grind on!