Where To Start

The big question is where I start. Well you do not start on the weights. You do not start with the diet. First, you have to start on an honest self-assessment. How fit are you? What is your experience level? What are your goals both realistic and ideal? What equipment do you have access to? How much time are you willing to put in? How much commitment and effort and blood, sweat and tears are you willing to pay in order to achieve your goals?

If your goal is lean muscle gain, I would suggest that you spend a week away from the gym. Visualize what you want. Know who you are. Work on abnegating your ego and getting ready to walk into something as if for the first time. At this point start the basic WB 10/10 program (https://teamwbfitness.com/wb-1010/) to see what massive volume training is all about.

While doing WB 10/10 keep your diet simple. Prioritize protein. Reduce carbohydrates. Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water a day. When you start going hard, specific diets can be created with your particular goals in mind, but until that point let’s keep it simple. Eat lots of eggs and chicken and steak. Avoid carbs and dairy. Make sure you are eating plenty of food. If you want to add muscle, you have to be in a caloric surplus. If you are in a clean caloric surplus and stick to the WB 10/10 program you will see muscle growth and, as a happy side effect, fat reduction.

Please feel free to drop me an email at info@teamwbfitness.com with questions, concerns and even just to let me know how your workouts are going.

If after you finish WB 10/10 you are interested in going hardcore on diet and massive volume training please let me know, and I will be happy to talk to you about joining team WB Fitness. My next hardcore training program starts on Jan 15. I hope you follow me as I train for a competition and, if after doing WB 10/10 you feel like you want to step up your game, I always enjoy workout partners. I will have a telegram chat group for people doing my full program where we can all share notes on results and we can all grow and learn together.