To start with, I want to talk about who I am NOT. I am not a medical doctor. This is important. If you have questions about working through injuries, whether or not your heart can handle the stress of an intense workout, if your cholesterol prohibits the kind of diet that I advise or anything of the sort do not ask me. My answer will be the same to everyone, consult a medical professional. Everyone is different and I have neither the relevant information, training nor experience to let you know whether you are healthy enough to be pushing yourself in the gym.

With that out of the way, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a man in my 40’s who, after multiple surgeries on both my knee and my spine, has decided not to let age, time constraints or past injuries get in the way of demanding the most out of my body.

In 2010, after several injuries, I weighed in at a very heavy 275 pounds. I began my journey, as most people in that situation do, by losing weight. Same mantra as most people, diets and cardio. Doing this, over the course of a year, I managed to lose 100 pounds. Great right? Well, not exactly. I looked down and realized I was what we call skinny fat.

From here, I started working out with a trainer who did boot camp classes. He was a great guy and showed me how I could tone myself using body weight and kettlebell workouts. True to his word, he got me lean, but something was still missing. I wanted muscle. I wanted loads of muscle. So I did what most people who want loads of muscle do, I started lifting very heavy weights and eating a lot of food. Before you knew it, I injured myself again. Sure, I spent some time putting up big numbers, feeling strong, enjoying the sense that the world would disappear when I would put everything into that one big lift, but before I knew it I was on my back, losing my gains, walking with a limp and in constant pain.

This is when I learned the beauty of massive volume training. I learned (and continue to learn every day) the tricks to strength, size and aesthetic gains in a way that is far less likely to cause injury. I use, revamp, learn and continually recreate systems and have been sharing them with friends for 2 years now. My own significant gains aside, the people I have trained all come to the exact same conclusion: the common approach to growing muscle and getting fit is rife with errors. These errors come, I believe, from there being too much ego built into gym wisdom.

Through many years of trial and error, many painful injuries and surgeries, through long depressions that follow from inactivity and pain, I have come to the realization that there is a better way. Through long hours of study and the help of many great and brilliant people I believe I have refined a system which clears out the bullshit and ego built into most training programs and mindsets and delivers the desired results in a cleaner more elegant way.

So welcome to Team WB Fitness. Grab your wife beater, prepare yourself for some intense workouts, get ready to clean up that diet and lets meet and surpass those fitness goals together.