Here are some terms that I use throughout the website. If there are any terms I use that you do not know, please tell me and I will add them to this list.

Anabolic: State of the body when it is building muscle and burning fat while also repairing tissues

Anaerobic: Exercise where you’ve reached the point where you can no longer deliver oxygen to where it is needed fast enough.

Chalk: A block of magnesium carbonate used to help with grip

Compound Exercise: A lift that focuses on multiple muscles

Drop Set: Weight is reduced during the set after failure to allow for more reps. This happens over and over again until there is no weight left and is meant to totally fatigue the muscle.

Failure: Failure is when you try for a rep and cannot complete it. This is different from 10 RPE, which is a completed rep where you know the next rep would end in failure. This is an attempted rep that you could not complete.

Forced Rep: This is when you have gone to failure and a spotter uses just enough help to get your to push out a few more reps

Hypertrophy: Muscle Growth

Isolation Exercise: A lift that focuses on a single muscle

Microtears: Tiny tears in muscle fiber that we cause by working out. The body repairing microtears is what causes hypertrophy

Negatives (eccentric contractions): Lowering the weight slowly under tension to the start positon.

Pump: Feeling after a workout where the muscle is blown up like a balloon from all the blood going there.

Range of Motion (Movement): The range of the whole arc of motion that one goes through on a particular exercise.

Splits: Training routines broken down by muscle group(s)

Supersets: Two exercises are performed back to back without rest between them (if three or more exercises it is referred to as a Giant Set)

Time Under Tension (TUT): How long in a particular lift or even in a particular set that your muscle is under the tension of the weight