WB 10/10

Massive Volume Lifting (MVL) requires a lot of time, energy and commitment. It is incredibly taxing on both the body and mind. I won’t lie, this shit is hard. That is why it works. In order to get started I have created the WB 10/10 beginners program. Think of this like basic training for MFL. Once you get into a full program rep ranges will be closer to 20, but this will be a good place to start.

If you have been lifting for any significant period then you probably have some ideas about rep ranges stuck in your head. Stuff like 3×5 or 5×5. You get these numbers of reps stuck in your head and your body just obeys. It is like driving a motorcycle. You don’t steer, you look over at the lane next to you and the bike goes there. You are thinking 10 reps, 8 reps, 6, reps or whatever and your body will listen. Break this habit. When you are going full blast at it you will be hitting 16, 18, 20 reps and the only thing that will hold you back is your mind…whether it is your ego demanding you use super heavy and unnecessary weights or your mind being focused on how rep ranges should only be a certain number. Get over both of those things. They are holding you back

In the WB 10/10 program, you will be doing 3 supersets per workout. Each superset will be sets of 10 sets of 10. So 100 reps per superset and 300 reps per session. Forget about the weight on the bar, what you will dial in on is RPE. If you don’t know what RPE is, please look at my page explaining it (https://teamwbfitness.com/rpe/). You will be looking for a weight that puts the last rep at between 9-10 RPE.

If you require any modifications because of equipment please let me know and I will be happy to help modify the workout. What is important is the contraction here. Make sure you really feel it. You cannot just do these lifts to check off a box. You need to want every single one. You need to put everything into every inch your body moves. Feel your muscles and command them to grow. Never detach your mind from your body. You have to mean every lift. You also may notice there is no set rest period. All rest periods are the same: ALAFP (as little as fuckin’ possible). Further, you will notice that there is no off day. There is a cardio day with no weights…this is your off day and it rotates if you follow the program. There is not, nor is there ever, a sit around and be a lazy asshole day.

Finally, DO NOT do these workouts without knowing the proper form. If you have any questions on form please ask. We only want the good kind of pain, never the bad kind of pain.

Follow this protocol for 6 weeks.

So welcome to the intro class. When you are done, you will be WB 10/10.



Superset 1 10×10 @9-10 RPE

Flat Bench Press

Bent over DB Kickbacks


Superset 2 10×10 @9-10 RPE

Incline Bench Press

Standing DB Triceps Extension


Superset 3 10×10 @9-10 RPE

Flat Bench DB Flyes

Skull Crushers


Day 2 (Back and Hamstrings)


Superset 1 10×10 @9-10RPE


Two DB Bent Over Row


Superset 2 10×10 @9-10 RPE


DB Romanian Deadlifts

Wide Grip Pull-Ups (if necessary add weight)


Superset 3 10×10 @ 9-10 RPE

Laying Leg Curls

T-Bar Row



Day 3 (Quads and Biceps)

Superset 1 10×10 @ 9-10 RPE

Barbell Squats

Barbell Curl


Superset 2 10×10 @9-10 RPE


Goblet Squat

Concentration Curls


Superset 3 10×10 @9-10 RPE


Leg Extensions

Supinated Standing DB Curls


Day 4 (Shoulders)


Superset 1 10×10 @9-10 RPE


Strict Military Press


Superset 2 10×10 @9-10 RPE


Seated DB Shoulder Press

Side DB Lat Raise


Superset 3 10×10 @9-10 RPE


Upright Barbell Row

Standing DB Front Raise


Day 5 (Cardio)

One hour of HIIT Cardio (I recommend intervals on stair climber)


Start over Day 1