Why Massive Volume

Many, if not most, lifters of all experience levels imagine that big lift. I won’t lie, deadlifting three times bodyweight is just awesome. The world disappears. It is just you, the weight, the adrenaline and the sheer power and passion until the weight hits the ground with a resounding thud and the world comes back into focus. Yes, it is awesome. However, what does it get you? Eventually it will get you injured. It will get your discs herniated. And the sad part is, in the end it often will not get you to your goals.

Massive Volume Training (MVT) is going to be a challenge, it is going to take time and it will break you down mentally and physically. However, after being broken down you will grow back. You will gain muscle. You will get cut. You will become stronger. The best part is that your muscle gain, fat loss, cuts and strength increase will happen faster than anything else.

At WB Fitness we take the ego and we take all the superfluous bullshit out of the workouts. We replace that with good thinking and good science. We work on a volume scale that to many lifters will seem ridiculous at first. Every single member of Team WB Fitness laughed when they first saw the workout programs and every single one now swears by it.

You want to gain size. You want to lose fat. You want those deep cuts that give you the three-dimensional look. You want to get stronger. Why do MVT? Because it works.

Leave aside everything you have learned so far. Leave aside your ego. Leave aside your preconceived notions of what lifting does. Forget the conventional wisdom. Low reps for size. High reps for leaning out. Bulk then cut (really? Gain weight then lose weight? Dafuq). Forget it all and try something new. If you are not satisfied with your fitness level and just think doing the same thing you have always done more will help, forget it.

Are you guys ready for a change? Grab your wife beater and let’s get to it.